July 2017


Wholesome frosting: chocolate, white strawberry, vanilla

Suzie's peanut butter filled cookie

Lundberg salted caramel rice cakes

King's Cupboard bittersweet chocolate sauce and cream caramel sauce

Arthur Bryant's spicy bbq sauce

Salpica salsa verde

Grandyoats coconut granola, hemp blend coconut granola and chococlate chunk coconut granola

Angie's dill pickle popcorn

Inka crops chile picante plantain chips

Farmhouse Culture Kraut Krisps: dill and roasted jalapeno

Kaoka Chocolate Bar: 75 cacao, fleur de sel chocolate, raspberry chocolate

Rxbar mint chocolate bar

Tony's Chocolonely milk chocolate, 70% dark chocolate, caramel sea salt milk chocolate, almond sea salt dark chocolate

Rebbl organic matcha latte elixir, organic turmeric golden-milk elixir, organic turmeric lemon tart elixir

Funny Farm jalapeno white goat cheddar popcorn

Luna & Larry's organic dark chocolate coconut bar

Paleo Pro choc protein powder


Half day creamery lemon yogurt

Sweet Earth curry tiger bowl, moroccan tagine bowl, general tso tofu bowl, enchiladas suiza bowl

Emerald Cove pacific wakame

Home Run Inn cheese pizza and pepperoni pizza

St. Helen's farm goats butter

Amy's nondairy rice mac & cheeze, broccoli & cheese bake, vegan noodles & vegetables cashew sauce and 3 cheese & kale

Bragg's ginger apple cider vinegar beverage, apple cider vinegar beverage, grape apple cider vinegar beverage (you could say something about these being back!)

Good Food Made Simple: chicken pad thai, thai style chicken, 3 pepper beef

Spry bubblegum

Rising Moon organic five cheese ravioli and organic butternut squash ravioli

Califia creamer unsweetened almond milk

Three Twins organic triple chocolate sundae cone single

Living Harvest unsweetened vanilla hempmilk and chocolate hempmilk

Against The Grain fiesta flatbread pizza

Siggi's raspberry triple cream yogurt and vanilla triple cream yogurt

Chloe's dark chocolate pop

Body care & General Merchandise

Plus cbd oil

Avalon eczema cream and eczema cleanser

Epic dental mints xylitol cinnamon, fruit and peppermint

Lifeseasons lifeseas visibili-t and breathe-x

Country life kids care probiotic

My Magic Mud peppermint toothpaste

Tom's mint bar soap, coconut bar soap, orange blossom bar soap, lavender tea tree bar soap

Jason mouthwash coconut mint, coconut mint toothpaste, sea salt mouthwash

Maggie's tulip skirt greige and roast birch

Merc insulated mug

Merc silver thermos


June 2017


Woodstock Organic Cheeky Cranberry Trail Mix

Woodstock Organic Aztec Hot Chocolate Trail Mix

Woodstock Organic Lemon Almonds

Woodstock Organic Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans

Nature’s Path Organic Coconut & Cashew Butter Granola

Mezzetta Basil Pesto

Terrapin Ridge Farms jams, dips and dressings (select varieties)

Spry Gum, Stronger Longer  (select flavors)

Naturezway Compostable Waste Bags

Alter Eco Dark Mint Truffle

Bottle Green Sparkling Presse (Elderflower Pomegranate, Elderflower, Ginger Lemongrass)

Gimme Seaweed Snack – Sriracha

Savannah Bee Whipped Honeys (all varieties)

Savannah Bee Raw Acacia Honeycomb

Primal Kitchen Macadamia Sea Salt Bar

Funny Farm Goat Cheddar Popcorn and Goat Cheddar Mac and Cheese

Mavuno Pineapple

Mavuno Jackfruit

Munk Cookies Vegan Gluten Free Protein Cookies (select varieties)



Brew Dr Turmeric Ginger

Beetology Drinks (cherry beet, beet veggie, beet lemon ginger)

Califia Matcha Almond Milk

Califia Ginger Almond Milk

Califia Coconut Smoothie Freezer

Ben and Jerry’s Chunky Monkey non dairy

Ben and Jerry’s PB And Cookies non dairy

Hilary’s Breakfast Sausages – Apple Maple and Spicy

Nadamoo Organic Non Dairy Ice Creams

Three Twins Organic Triple Chocolate Sundae Cones multi pack

Field Roast Creamy Mac and Chao

So Delicious Double Chocolate Cashew Milk Bars

So Delicious Salted Caramel Cashew Milk Bars



Bodyceuticals Calendula Facial Care Line (select varieties)

Savannah Bee Body Butters and Hand Creams

Wild Carrot Mojito Foot Cream

Halo Top Ice Cream



Garden of Life Gummy Vitamins (kids, men, women, prenatal)

OHCO Coldsnap

Bulletproof Brain Octane

Bulletproof XCT Oil

Solaray Berberine

Genexa Organic Homeopathic Formulas

Nutrigold Garcinia Cambogia