This Month's Change Recipient

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January 2019

Lawrence Community Shelter

The mission of the Lawrence Community Shelter is to provide a safe shelter and comprehensive programs that set individuals and families facing homelessness on a path to a positive future. 

The vision for LCS is that they continue to be a place where a person or family can come when they have nowhere to live and be supported in their efforts to address the root causes of their homelessness. 

They work hard to connect individuals with programs and services offered by both LCS and our community partners; the ultimate goal for those who are in our care is to be empowered to achieve a sustainable, successful, and permanent housing placement.

For more information, visit

2018 Change Recipients

January 2018

Centro Hispano

Centro Hispano is a not-for-profit community resource center in Lawrence. They connect Spanish-speaking families and individuals to social services offered here at Centro, around Lawrence and throughout Kansas. 

Since 2006 their different social workers, case managers, KU interns, and Americorps Volunteers (all bilingual!) have worked diligently to serve Lawrence’s diverse and resilient Hispanic community. And, they are proud to be able to sustain our strong connection to the community, especially through trying times and budget cuts. 

They want to continue strengthening their clients’ connections to Lawrence and empowering them to be active members of this vibrant town. or more information, visit

February 2018

Douglas County Dental Clinic

The Douglas County Dental Clinic provides comprehensive dental care to children and adults in our community who might otherwise not be able to access care. 

Their Friendly Smiles school-based dental outreach program provides thousands of dental appointments each year to children who have Kansas Medicaid or who are uninsured and qualify for Free & Reduced Lunch programs at school. 

Taking these services out into the community helps ensure that all children have access to dental care.  They believe every child deserves a healthy smile!

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March 2018

Kansas Rural Center

The Kansas Rural Center works to build a sustainable food and farm system to provide healthy food and a healthy environment. KRC’s educational workshops provide practical how-to information on farming practices, food production and marketing across the state. 

Because KRC believes that the grassroots engagement of an informed people should determine our cultural and technological choices, KRC monitors food, agricultural and economic policy at the state and federal levels. They provide regular analysis and information on critical food and farming issues via newsletter and electronic updates, and offer opportunities for citizen engagement in forums and workshops around the state. 

For more information, visit

April 2018

Growing Food Growing Hope

With eight years of garden success, Community Mercantile Education Foundation (CMEF) is launching the Growing Food, Growing Hope garden project in collaboration with DCCCA’s First Step at Lake View. Since 1999, CMEF (with support from The Merc Co+op) has overseen a variety of initiatives to connect youth and their families to the foods they eat. They focus on promoting personal health, strengthening community, and supporting a sustainable and local food system. The Growing Food, Growing Hope garden at First Step extends that focus on well being and a stronger community to a new, targeted population: women in recovery from substance abuse and their children. 

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May 2018

Willow Domestic Violence Center

The Willow Domestic Violence Center dedicates itself to restoring the health and safety of people who have experienced domestic violence or human trafficking by providing safety, education, and advocacy. All of our services are free of charge, confidential, and available to all survivors of domestic abuse and human trafficking who live in Douglas, Franklin, or Jefferson County in Kansas. The Willow is a safe space for people of all sexual identities and gender expressions. All services are accessible to those in need of a translator or physical accommodation.For more information, visit

June 2018

Douglas County CASA

Every year in Douglas County, Kansas, dozens of children ages 0-18 are removed from their homes and placed under court protection for their own safety. Some of these children are victims of violence, psychological torment, and sexual abuse. Others have been neglected or abandoned. They are confused, frightened and uncertain about their future. Many are placed in foster care. 

Douglas County CASA is dedicated to making sure these children get the attention they deserve. With the help of specially trained volunteers, Court Appointed Special Advocates, we advocate for the best interests of these vulnerable children. Douglas County CASA helps children find safe, permanent and loving homes.

For more information, visit

july 2018

Senior Resource Center

Senior Resource Center for Douglas County (SRC) provides resources, services, opportunities and advocacy that enhance the quality of the second half of life. SRC helps older residents of Douglas County remain independent and active in their homes and communities, assists them with necessary transitions to advanced care, and helps families prepare for needs of their elders. SRC is the designated go-to place for guidance on issues about aging with its comprehensive database of all resources in the county. SRC also provides many services itself, such as home delivered meals and transportation for seniors.

For more information, visit

August 2018

Sunrise Project

Sunrise Project is a nonprofit that provides space and opportunities for people of all ages and backgrounds to build community through good food and social connection. The goal of Sunrise Project is to work together with those in our community whose voices are often underrepresented. Participants become more civically engaged and socially connected through a variety of programs including: Sunrise Community Garden (cosponsored by Sierra Club), Lawrence Community Orchard, Sunrise Youth Summer Camps, and health equity projects. For more information, visit

september 2018

Communities in Schools of Mid-America

At Communities In Schools (CIS) of Mid-America, we surround students with a community of support, empowering them to stay in school and achieve in life. Our program at Kennedy Elementary School connects students and their families to critical community resources addressing nonacademic barriers to education that can help students reach their full potential. Instances such as poverty or a limited number of caring adults in their lives are examples of barriers that prevent student success. Our Site Coordinator at Kennedy Elementary School addresses these daily for each student served. For more information, visit

October 2018

The Bert Nash Center

The Bert Nash Center is a licensed, comprehensive mental health facility committed to providing research-based services to improve the lives of Douglas County residents. The Center has served the Douglas County community for 68 years by responding to needs, restoring lives and building a healthy community. We are committed to quality, accessibility and innovation; education and advocacy; strong partnerships in promoting health; and financial stability. The Bert Nash Center currently has approximately 40 different programs and services that improve and save lives every single day. Examples of programs provided in Adult, Child and Family Services, and Community Support Services are: outpatient individual and group therapy, case management, attendant care, psychosocial rehab, peer support services, parent support, therapeutic classrooms, programs throughout the community and 24-hour crisis services. For more information, visit

November 2018

Kansas Big Brothers Big Sisters

Kansas Big Brothers Big Sisters (KSBBBS) matches children facing adversity with caring, adult mentors. The youth they serve are 5 to 25 years old and face various forms of adversity.

KSBBBS believes that all children - regardless of race, socioeconomic status, or family background - can achieve success in life. With an active adult role model, they will have support and assistance to overcome these barriers and break destructive cycles. These one-to-one professionally-supported friendships last a minimum of one year. However, the effects of these friendships last a lifetime. 

They have served 186 youth in Douglas County this year, with nearly 100 youth still waiting for a Big! Learn how you can support the youth in your community, visit

December 2018

The 20th Annual Giving Tree

The Giving Tree is a co-op tradition and an opportunity for shoppers and employees to help our neighbors in need. Individual donors, like you, cover the tree with handmade paper ornaments that represent gifts requested by our adopted families. Donors write their name and phone number on the ornament and hang it on the tree as a promise that they will provide this gift.  Visit the store after Thanksgiving (or contact Nancy O’Connor at 785.843.8544) to find out what items are needed and to sign up. Gifts should be new and delivered unwrapped to our Customer Service Desk by Monday, December 10.

All funds collected through Change in the month of December will supplement our adoptions and go toward the purchase of grocery gift cards. Surplus funds may be used to purchase gifts for families who have been not adopted.

We are thankful for the opportunity to come together to help make the holidays bountiful for these families. 

2017 Change Recipients

January 2017

Headquarters, Inc.

Headquarters, Inc. is the suicide prevention leader in Kansas, providing counseling, education and resources to improve public health. “Small but mighty” has been used to describe Headquarters Counseling Center, their National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (NSPL) crisis center that serves people from all over Kansas, answering over 20,000 calls a year.

In operation since 1969, Headquarters’ commitment is to provide free and confidential crisis counseling and emotional support to everyone that reaches out. The crisis center is operated by trained volunteer counselors and is open 24 hours a day, all year long. 

In addition, Headquarters operates the Kansas Suicide Prevention Resource Center-offering training and technical assistance to communities around the state, and promoting behavioral health advocacy and policy work. For more information, visit


CLO's Midnight Farm

Midnight Farm is a unique holistic day services site that         operates within Community Living Opportunities non-profit organization. Midnight Farm serves adults with differing developmental abilities through engagement, classes, life skills, therapeutic benefits, encouragement of healthy choices, jobs and endless learning opportunities.

Working together in the on-site gardens and greenhouse is one of the most common ways in which skills and healthy choices are learned. Midnight Farms’ gardening program, Green Thumb Club, provides an opportunity to learn the importance and management of a healthy, organic garden.

Donors directly impact the learning and experiences of all individuals that utilize Midnight Farm throughout the year.                                         For more information, visit


March 2017

Kansas Advocates for Better Care

Kansas Advocates for Better Care advocates for safe, good quality care for older adults and to prevent elder abuse and neglect. KABC provides older adults and their caregivers guidance, support and information about all things related to long-term care whether at home or in an adult care facility, including help for addressing specialized dietary needs such as low-sodium, or anti-inflammatory, or specially prepared foods for persons who have difficulties with swallowing due to stroke or dementia. For 40+ years KABC has provided older adults resources for improved care and healthier aging.

For more information, visit

April 2017

Growing Food Growing Health

Now entering its eighth season, the Growing Food, Growing Health (GFGH) School Garden Project continues to grow and evolve. The project is directed by Community Mercantile Education Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit sister organization of The Merc Co+op. GFGH runs a beautiful production garden at West Middle School and two education-based gardens at neighboring Sunset Hill Elementary and Hillcrest Elementary. Sustainably grown produce (over 15,000 lbs to date) is used in the school cafeteria and sold to the co-op to help support the project. 

For more information, visit

May 2017

Falling Forward Foundation

Every day, another person suffers a stroke, brain injury or spinal cord injury. When insurance stops paying for rehabilitation, grants from Falling Forward make it possible for patients to continue their recovery and avoid a life of disability. All of the money raised by Falling Forward stays local. Falling Forward has no paid staff and 0% administrative costs.  So, 100% of donations will be used to support someone doing their rehabilitation at Lawrence Memorial Hospital! Your donation will help another local person go from “disability” to ABILITY!

Learn more at

June 2017

Friends of the Kaw

Friends of the Kaw serves the Kansas River. The Kaw is the largest prairie based watershed in the world. The river originates at the junction of the Smoky Hill and Republican Rivers and runs 173 miles to meet the Missouri River in northeast Kansas. The Kaw provides drinking water to 800,000 people.

Friends of the Kaw is a grassroots non-profit organization dedicated to protecting and preserving the Kansas River for present and future generations. They are the only non-profit organization dedicated to the Kansas River and their work includes: monitoring, responding and mediating suspected pollution incidents to the river; advocacy efforts to protect the river; educational programming to both adults and school children; and, promoting recreation on the river.

For more information, visit  

July 2017

Community Village Lawrence

Community Village Lawrence (CVL) provides volunteer assistance for those who desire to remain in their home as they age. CVL combines the efforts of volunteer individuals to create a caring support network.  Volunteers experience the satisfaction of making a difference in the lives of others.

In the last 18 months, CVL has provided 756 services, including transportation, to 61 Lawrence residents.  With help, those numbers will grow. Proceeds from the Change program will fund scholarships to reduce CVL’s waiting list and extend support to those in need. Perhaps you know someone who wishes to remain independent and could use help from a neighbor. Let them know. Discover the you in our community. For more information, visit

August 2017

Ecumenical Campus Ministries

Established in 1905, the Ecumenical Campus Ministries (ECM) provides a safe place for those committed to personal development, spiritual growth, and social action.  

The ECM supports students and the wider community with programs including: Veggie Lunch, a free vegan lunch every Thursday, Tai Chi Chai Tea, Alternative Spring Break Trips, Interfaith Café, University Community Forum, and more. The Solidarity Library at ECM is a place community members can come to find progressive books, journals, films, and zines. 

This fall, the ECM is opening a food pantry and thrift shop to provide increased access and fight hunger in our community. 

For more information, visit

September 2017

First Step House

DCCCA coordinates programs across the Midwest to provide behavioral health prevention and treatment, recruitment, training, and support of foster homes and traffic safety education and resources. 

DCCCA’s First Step at Lake View in Lawrence provides family centered, holistic addiction treatment for women.  Priority is given to pregnant women and the facility’s licensed child care allows mothers to bring their children with them. 

Treatment focuses on building skills and resources for long term recovery. Collaboration with community partners offers comprehensive medical care, domestic violence intervention, mental health services, and access to safe housing and employment.  

For more information, visit

October 2017


For 32 years LINK has provided free home-cooked, nutritious meals in a safe and welcoming environment for individuals and families who may be homeless, hungry, lonely, physically or mentally disabled or low income. LINK is a non-profit, powered by 46 volunteer groups with part-time serving managers. Several groups have been serving since LINK began. LINK serves lunch four times a week. Everyone is welcome, no questions asked.

In 2016 LINK served 19,750 guests 27,035 meals. On Thanksgiving (2016), volunteers cooked and delivered 536 turkey dinners and served 225 meals at LINK.

For more information, visit or

November 2017

Just Food

Just Food is the food bank in Douglas County, supplying more than 29 partner agencies with frozen meat and fresh produce as well as bread and food donated from the community drives. Just Food also specializes in direct client service through programs like Just Grow, Just Cook and Cooking Healthy Futures. 

Just Food and its partners play a key role in fighting hunger in our community by increasing the availability of a variety of healthy foods and helping to reduce waste and discarded food. In 2016, Just Food served over 13,000 Douglas County residents.

For more information, visit


december 2017

19th Annual Giving Tree

Individual donors, like you, cover the tree with handmade paper ornaments that represent gifts requested by our adopted families. Donors write their name and phone number on the ornament and hang it on the tree as a promise that they will provide this gift.  

Visit the store after Thanksgiving (or contact Nancy O’Connor at 785.843.8544) to find out what items are needed and to sign up. Gifts should be new and delivered unwrapped to our Customer Service Desk by Monday, December 11.

All funds collected will supplement our adoptions and go toward the purchase of grocery gift cards. Surplus funds may be used to purchase gifts for families who have been not adopted.