Barbara Clark

Barbara Clark, Board Candidate

Barbara Clark, Board Candidate

Current Employment and Work Experience

Currently, I am a co-owner with my husband of Maggie's Farm here in Lawrence, KS. We are a small diversified family farm with USDA Organic Certification.  Our farm raises sheep for their wool production as well growing a variety of fruits and predominately heirloom and open pollinated vegetables, and small grain crops. Maggie's Farm is in its 23rd year of operation here in Lawrence.           

Previous Board Experience

I am presently serving my third term on The Merc Co+op board.  I have worked on the Lawrence Farmers' Market board and was a vendor there for 18 years. Other local groups on whose boards I have served include the Douglas County Food Policy Council and Citizens for Responsible Planning.  Both groups had a focus on the importance of our local food system and the preservation of our Capability Class I and II soils throughout Douglas County.  Food equity and access to healthy foods for all in our community has always been a point of great importance for me.

What skills would you bring to The Merc Co+op's Board of Directors?

During the nine years I have served on The Merc board I have gained an in-depth understanding of the responsibility of board work and all associated policies, bylaws, and the great benefits food co-ops bring to a community.  Within my tenure on the board I have served as Secretary, Vice-President, and President. These varied roles have allowed me to gain a fuller picture of board work. Attention to detail and strong carry through on tasks, along with good organizational capabilities are skills I would continue to bring to the board.  

Why would you like to serve on The Merc Co+op's Board of Directors?

The Merc Co+op has always held an important place in our community for me. I have appreciated the opportunity to work as a board member through the last nine years. I have felt fortunate to see many positive changes that work towards our Ends Policies.

Finally, I am excited about the work being done currently by The Merc Co+op to expand with a second store into a new, underserved community.  Working towards providing access to healthy, local, organic food and products, while building a community based on hospitality, generosity and care for the environment is an effort I would like to continue being a part of.