Christine Frazier

Christine Frazier, Board Candidate

Christine Frazier, Board Candidate

Current employment and work experience

I’m currently employed by a medical facility in the Kansas City area where I perform permanent makeup services. I also volunteer at 90.1 FM KKFI as producer for All Souls Forum and for my own new show East of Eden which covers topics like food politics, alternative health, and sustainability. 

Before that, I founded a series of startup-businesses. One of them – Mi Zocalo – was a Hispanic Newspaper App in partnership with Kansas City, Kansas Hispanic media company Dos Mundos and another – Indie Fit Magazine – was a free alternative monthly dedicated to healthy living in the Lawrence and Kansas City areas. 

Previous board experience

I do not have previous board experience per se, but I am a graduate of the Bloch School E-Scholars program for early stage entrepreneurs and was involved with advisory boards and community mentors for the companies I started. 

What skills would you bring to The Merc Co+op’s Board of Directors? 

The primary skill I can bring to the Merc Board of directors is my ability to connect diverse communities, resources, and people to make the Merc stronger. My personal testimony and first-hand experience about how food can heal the body is my passion and underlies my motivation to show others how food choices can empower people, connect communities, and create positive changes in the local economy and global environment. 

Why would you like to serve on The Merc Co+op’s Board of Directors? 

When I was a growing up, the first Co+op I knew about was called Strawberry Fields in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois. I still carry with me many of the ideals from my childhood in the nineteen-seventies, when the local health-food movement first started. Much later in life I found that my place of healing was my local grocery store and the Merc has been a necessary part of my daily life. Another board member asked me to apply for this position at a time when the Merc embarks on a new journey to help bring nourishing food to an urban area in Kansas City that, food-wise, has been long neglected. Between my business activities, my volunteering and radio work, and my personal background, I have experience and connections in many diverse communities, and my goal is to help the Merc welcome people from all walks of life and from all parts of the economic and ethnic spectrum to the Co+op community. This should involve educating potential new shoppers that “health food” doesn’t have to be expensive and elitist, which I know first-hand some people falsely believe. I also want to help connect people to local farmers and growers, so they can create a personal