Community Mercantile Education Foundation

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The Community Mercantile Education Foundation (CMEF), a 501(c) (3), was established in 1999 for the purpose of extending the educational outreach being done by our sister organization, The Merc Co+op. CMEF provides hands-on nutrition education that promotes personal health and well being, strengthens our community, and supports sustainable and local food systems.

Garden Projects

Growing Food Growing Health is a project of the Community Mercantile Education Foundation (CMEF) which is dedicated to improving the health of youth by creating school gardens that act as living classrooms, inspiring hands-on education, and connecting students to locally-grown fruits and vegetables. Established in 2010, GFGH now tends to over 14,000 square feet of gardens on school grounds at West Middle School, and helps support gardens at neighboring Hillcrest Elementary and Sunset Hill Elementary

This year CMEF is breaking ground on a new garden, Growing Food Growing Hope, at DCCCA First Step at Lakeview, a residential drug treatment facility for women and their children.