Instructor Guidelines

Have you ever wondered if you would be a good fit for teaching at the co-op? There are a few important guidelines to consider about our classes and instructors.

Co-op classes should meet these goals.

  • Affordable: The Merc Co-op sets the price of classes with the goal of keeping class fees low and accessible to our community members.

  • Educational: Classes held in the Community Classroom are educational and not for the purpose of selling a product or business.

  • Accessible: Co-op classes provide a welcoming, inclusive environment for learning, including information that is well-researched, organized, and non-judgmental.

  • Sustainable: Our classes support co-op’s ideals of promoting fresh, local, organic, and sustainable foods and food systems.

  • Inspiring: Community members are inspired by our classes to pursue wellness goals; purchase fresh, local, wholesome foods; and be informed consumers of other health and wellness-related products.

  • Quality: We focus on the quality of our classes, not quantity! Our presenters are well-informed, skilled educators with prior teaching experience.

  • Supportive: The Merc Co-op offers a stipend for presenters and provides a budget for food.  We also handle all class registrations, set class fees, provide copies of instructor-created handouts to class attendees, provide room set-up and clean up, and provide assistance from class hosts before and during class.  We take good care of our presenters!

Are you a good fit?

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