Nathan Karner

Nathan Karner, Board Candidate

Nathan Karner, Board Candidate

Current employment and work experience

I am currently the Chief Investment Officer / Portfolio Manager of  Starbrook Global LLC, a private investment firm and holding company that I founded in 2016.  I have also been serving in the Kansas Army National Guard since 2014 functioning as a paralegal, Information Management Officer, and Knowledge Management Officer.

Previous Board Experience

As a Chief Investment Officer, I have conceived and developed the firm’s risk management infrastructure.  Applying a diverse knowledge of financial strategies to maximize potential upside in the portfolio while utilizing fundamental business analysis.  My role as an Information Management Officer was as a liaison between the legal offices and IT department in the management of technical problems and projects.  I optimized the office workflow as the Knowledge Management Officer to develop organizational information systems for the legal offices. During my time as a Paralegal, I supported the development and review of office standard operating procedures (SOP) and organizational policies.  

What skills would you bring to The Merc Co+op's board of directors?

Having a diverse background gives me unique point of view and allows me to bring a broad array of skills associated with Information Technology, software development/management, office management, financial research and analysis, and legal research and analysis.  My strongest skill set is the development of systems that streamline an organization's workflow  through minimization and automation in a strategic way.  

Why do you want to serve on the Merc Co+op's Board of Directors?

I am passionate about spreading community wellness and health through nutrition, fitness, and meaningful relationships.  The Merc’s goal to provide access to healthy food and product to help transform the health of communities is something I strongly believe in.  The Merc Co-op allows the consumer to be socially responsible by purchasing environmentally friendly goods, while growing the local communities economy.   It is important that we leave our communities a better place for future generations to enjoy.  It would be my honor to serve the shareholders and management in this endeavor to change the world.