About the Diamond Inclusiveness Assessment

 Lisa Tabor of CultureBrokers, LLC

Lisa Tabor of CultureBrokers, LLC

The Merc Co+op is participating in an organizational assessment tool called the Diamond Inclusiveness Assessment (DIA). The DIA provides us with the opportunity to take a comprehensive look at our organization's intercultural inclusiveness. We would like to invite you to share your perspective on our organization by completing the assessment.

Your input is valuable. You will be helping our organization to focus more strategically on our inclusiveness efforts, including what we need to pay attention to, what we need to investigate further and what are immediate opportunities for planning and implementing changes in our policies and practices. We hope that you will participate by completing the assessment.

The DIA is an online instrument delivered by CultureBrokers, LLC. It takes an average of 15 minutes to complete. 

  • You will respond to 64 statements about The Merc Co+op by indicating your level of agreement. Alternatively, you can choose "Don't know" or "Not applicable" for any statement.
  • This instrument is based on your individual experience of our organization. You may find that your experience does not extend to all the dimensions assessed by the instrument. In that case, you will simply choose "Don't know." Rest assured, that information is still very helpful to us!
  • If necessary, you will be able to stop at any point in the instrument and return to the DIA later, just make sure to follow the directions. You can also go back to change your answers to previous questions, as long as you have not yet submitted the survey
  • Your responses to the DIA, and the optional feedback poll that follows, are confidential. During the DIA itself, you will not be asked for your name or personally identifiable information except your relationship to our organization. If you are an employee, you will be asked for your role and length of employment. 
  • Only CultureBrokers will have access to individual responses. The Merc Co+op will only receive a report of results and gaps. You will also receive a copy of the Gap Report by email soon after the survey closes. 

We would also like to invite you to lunch on Tuesday, September 18 from 12-1 p.m. at the Lawrence Public Library (Room C) where we will debrief the results of the survey. CultureBrokers will facilitate the session and, together, we will explore context behind the results. Your participation in this meeting would be extremely valuable, as your own experience-based insight can broaden our pool of knowledge even further.

To participate in the DIA survey, please visit our survey page. Then, on that same page, let us know if you will attend the lunch on September 18 by clicking the RSVP to Lunch button.

Thank you!

Rita York Hennecke
General Manager
The Merc Co+op