Sustainability is relevant to everything we do at The Merc Co+op. From the products we source to the organizations we support to our recycling program, concern for our environment and our community is always top of mind. We support nearly three dozen local growers, champion organic in every department, and provide a space for community growth in both our classroom as well as the Growing Food Growing Health Student Gardens. See how your co-op is working towards making our planet a healthier place.

The Merc Co+op is Going Solar!

The two greatest opportunities to improve our environmental impact are through a reduction of energy consumption and a transition to renewable energy. To that end, your co-op is set to embark on what will be Lawrence’s largest solar energy project. Through a full rooftop array, two solar covered carports and a solar covered patio, we will install over 200 kilowatts of solar panels which will provide 29% of our energy each year. View the Frequently Asked Questions document below and read the full story in our newsletter.

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