Fresh Deals & Co+op Deals


October 16-29, 2019

Looking to save money on your favorite foods, supplements and body care products? Your local food co-op knows how important it is to get delicious food for your family at the best prices; that’s why we offer Fresh Deals and Co+op Deals. With sale prices on more than a hundred products from trusted brands each month,* there is no better way to save money on the products you love.

Fresh Deals flyers are published each Wednesday. Co+op Deals* flyers are published bi-monthly. To help make your shopping list, sign up below to receive our Fresh Deals and Fresh News email each Tuesday evening.

*Sale items are spread out over two two- or three-week promotional periods, monthly. Because Co+op Deals is a national promotions program for food co-ops who are members of National Co+op Grocers, not all products featured in the flyer will be available at all co-ops.