Our Products

Good food means different things to different people, and we encourage you to make your own decisions about what is good for your health, community and wallet. To ensure that we are meeting the needs and reflecting the values of our diverse shoppers - while inviting even more people to experience our co-op - we carefully select a product mix that balances those with our mission. 


At The Merc Co+op, you can be confident in the selections that you make because we’ve done the research and label-reading for you. You don’t have to worry about: hydrogenated fats, artificial sweeteners, high fructose corn syrup and artificial flavors and colors, because you won’t find them in the foods and products on our shelves.

What you will find is a wide selection of wholesome and delicious foods and products with an emphasis on:

Our Promise

You can rest assured that our standards are high. Our produce department follows strict certified organic standards and our trained buyers research everything we will consider selling using the guidelines above as well as individual department guidelines. By eliminating the foods and products that don’t make the cut, we make healthy, ethical shopping easy.

As a cooperative, we believe in the power of economic democracy. Rather than imposing boycotts or banning certain ingredients, we now encourage you, and all shoppers, to vote with your dollars for the foods and products you enjoy buying from your co-op.

We also encourage shoppers to make product requests for things they would like to see us carry.

While we are very careful, sometimes products and ingredients change without our knowledge. If you find something at The Merc Co+op that falls short of our guidelines, please let us know.

Special Orders

We are happy to take special orders for products that we do not carry* as well as items that you wish to have in large quantities. 

To place a special order, please contact us at 785-843-8544 and we will connect you with the appropriate department. You will receive a call when your order has arrived.


*Availability may vary.