Change for our Community

The Merc Co+op's Change for our Community Program gives shoppers the opportunity to donate their pocket change to local community organizations each time they shop. Each month, The Merc Co+op chooses a different Change recipient and all donations collected that month go to that specific organization.

Since January 2014, our Change program has raised more than $300,000 for over three dozen different local organizations.

Together, we have helped fund a number or worthwhile needs and projects, including:

  • the purchase of special communication devices for children who do not have a voice or who are delayed in speaking (Tiny K Early Intervention, October 2015)

  • tuition scholarships for Douglas County children in need (Positive Bright Start, March 2016)

  • providing for the immediate needs of those seeking shelter, including fresh, healthy food (Willow Domestic Violence Center, May 2016)


  • Round Up: Round the amount of your order up to the next dollar and the difference will be redirected to this month's Change recipient.

  • Change Jars: Drop your spare change into the jars at our cash registers.

  • Bag Refunds: Bring your own bag, and the 5 cent bag refund will be redirected to the Change recipient.

The co-op cannot track Round Up donations for tax purposes. Currently our Point of Sale (POS) system only has the capability of retrieving an owner's receipts for the past 90 days. Customers who wish to track are encouraged to use the Round Up total on their receipts provided by the cashier. We will keep this request in mind when evaluating potential POS upgrades.

Donation Program

At The Merc Co+op we are deeply committed to our community. We respect and support the many organizations, schools and churches that help make Lawrence such a strong and vibrant place to live. Each year we receive hundreds of requests for donations from these organizations – all with valid and pressing needs. Due to the volume of requests we receive, we have created a procedure for requesting a donation. Following the steps outlined in our Donation Application will make it easier for your organization to make a request, and will allow us to more fairly consider each request we receive. 

To be considered as a donation recipient, please complete our Donation Application at the link below and return it to The Merc Co+op attention Laura Marsh, Outreach Manager.