The Board of Directors represents all 7,700+ owners and shape the vision for the co-op while evaluating the current performance of the business through Policy Governance. A strong and successful cooperative depends on a highly functional and effective Board of Directors. Your co-op needs your input in guidance and leadership to continue to thrive as a cooperative business. Claim one of your most powerful rights of co-op ownership and vote in our board elections!

The Merc Co+op's Board of Directors is comprised of seven co-op owners who are elected by the general ownership and serve three-year terms. Any co-op owner may run for a board position and all co-op owners in good standing with shares paid in full by August 31, 2018 are eligible to vote.

There are four open seats on the board.

2018 Timeline

  • Friday, July 6 – Applications available online and at customer service. Board members available during Owner Appreciation Days or via email for questions regarding board roles and responsibilities.

  • Monday, August 6 and/or Monday, September 10 – Candidates encouraged to attend board meeting at 6 p.m.

  • Friday, August 17 – Application deadline. Send responses to candidate questions to Board@TheMerc.Coop to be published online at www.TheMerc.Coop.

  • Late August (date TBA) – Candidate interviews. The board meets with the candidates to explain the work of the board and answer questions. Candidates will be contacted by a board member to arrange interviews.

  • Friday, August 31 Date of Record. (Owners as of this date can vote in the election and attend the Annual Owner Meeting.)

  • Friday, September 7–Sunday, October 21 – Elections. Ballots accepted in-store and online.

  • Friday, November 2Annual Co-op Meeting with announcement of successful candidates.


Election results will be announced at the Annual Co-op Meeting on Friday, November 2, 2018 at 6:00 p.m. at the Cider Gallery and on the website thereafter.


Contact the co-op at 785-843-8544 or ownerservices@themerc.coop.

Seeking Inclusion Within The Board of Directors

“Everyone Welcome” is a motto the co-op adopted many years ago. We posted it on signs outside the co-op and marched with it on banners in parades. But, this invitation to shop and share in our cooperative is such a tiny piece of the larger work that we must do to become a co-op that truly represents the individuals and needs within our community.

Making progress on our Ends Policy of being ‘a thriving consumer-owned cooperative in our region,’ means we aim to serve the whole regional community, not one niche or sector.  And, as we look to expand, it is increasingly vital that we make changes to foster inclusion.

Historically, we have had a lack of non-white board members, and we recognize that as a serious failure. Gathering around the table with diverse leaders and providing space for new voices to help lead our democratically run business is a must.