Management Team

The co-op's management team are in charge of the store's day to day operations and it is their job to drive the co-op to fulfill our Ends. Virtually every initiative that management pursues in the course of a year is guided by an element of these policies. Click on the images below to email a particular manager, or contact the store at 785-843-8544.

   Rita York Hennecke    General Manager

Rita York Hennecke

General Manager

   Zac Hamlin    Human Resources Manager

Zac Hamlin

Human Resources Manager

  Linda Cowden   Produce Manager

Linda Cowden

Produce Manager

   Nancy O'Connor    Director of Education & Outreach

Nancy O'Connor

Director of Education & Outreach

   Valerie Taylor Richardson    Marketing Manager

Valerie Taylor Richardson

Marketing Manager

   Martin Maigaard    Food Services Manager

Martin Maigaard

Food Services Manager

   Jason Lovell    Finance Manager

Jason Lovell

Finance Manager

   Lowen Millspaugh    Merchandising Manager

Lowen Millspaugh

Merchandising Manager

   Chris Babcock    Center Store Manager 

Chris Babcock

Center Store Manager 

Employees of the Month



Becky Crook, Kitchen Cooperator

Becky is a wonderful and extremely valuable part of our team, and one of the most positive people to work alongside. Her passion for food, community and sustainability is evident in her work and her participation in projects throughout the co-op, including the Green Team. She is consistent and continually finding new ways to help her team out. 

Becky has embraced the concepts of “going direct” by vocalizing her ideas and of being “100% accountable” by following through on ways that we can aim higher and improve both food services and the store. You are much appreciated, Becky!



Owen Murphy, Deli Specialist

Owen is always friendly, efficient and helpful. He works hard and deserves recognition for it. Owen puts in great work everyday here at the co-op and is always willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done - whether he is scheduled or not! 

His efforts are helping to lead our great deli team towards operational excellence and his passion is greatly appreciated.

High five, Owen!



Liz Kavitsky, Center Store Cooperator

Liz aka Lizaroni aka The Fridge Beast is efficient, entertaining, and elaborate. Her efficiency and attention to detail has been a vital addition to the Center Store Department and most notably in the fridge, freezer, and bread departments. 

Her co-workers appreciate her magnanimous disposition and positive, upbeat approach. We are thankful for her work and her spirit. Go Liz!



Karli Aitken, Head Cashier

Karli is a keystone on the Front End team. She is a go-to person for both shoppers and coworkers. 

Karli cares about how things are done and keeps her eyes on policies and procedures to make sure they are relevant, understood and followed.

She is not afraid to step up and take on new tasks because she knows that is work that makes the co-op stronger.



Jerry Hunt, Produce Cooperator

Jerry is dependable, productive, eager and helpful. Every morning he busts out freight in the most efficient manner and he wastes no time hitting the sales floor to get things stocked. He’s got a great work ethic, is ready to take on any task, and can often be found doing extra things like cleaning the dock or basement.

Jerry’s attitude is exemplary and it shows. He asks questions to increase his knowledge and  he has even eaten a few things that he has never tried before-some of which I’m sure he wished he hadn’t! Thanks for all you do and thanks for being another produce rock star!



Tonya Loewen, Bakery Assistant

Tonya is a superstar! She is very organized and has an amazing eye for detail. She has a super strong work ethic and always goes above and beyond. 

She takes the initiative to find creative solutions to the problems we face. Her coworkers feel extremely blessed to have her! 



Laura Marsh, Education & Outreach Assistant

In less than a year, Laura has become invaluable to the co-op. She is a pleasure to work with, coming in each day with—in her words—“a clean slate, prepared to do [her] best.” And, do her best she does, from leading store tours, to representing us at community health fairs, to making apple cake for 400 middle schoolers, to moving huge piles of mulch, to helping clean and organize the store. Laura has a can-do attitude and great work ethic. She is capable, adaptable, very smart and so fun! It’s amazing how much she accomplishes each week. Thank you, Laura, for all you do for our co-op.  


Rhiannon Pearson, Scanning Specialist

Rhiannon has really stepped up and embraced the challenges within her position—troubleshooting register issues, communicating with service providers, finding new solutions to old problems, and learning from her peers here and at other coops. Throughout our expansion to the library and the transition of our Internet to MidCo, she was committed to ensuring that the co-op could run as smoothly as possible. In addition, Rhiannon is excellent at making everyone feel welcome at the co-op. She is always willing to drop what she’s doing to answer phones, organize shelves, bag groceries and she even jumps in to help shoppers at the registers. We are so thankful to have her.



Chris Taylor, Produce Assistant

Chris arrives at every shift with enthusiasm and a positive attitude that elevates the mood and environment of the entire department. He is engaged and focused on the tasks at hand; he gets right to work; and, he is diligent about maintaining a well stocked and abundant sales floor. Even when working solo, he is able to keep the department running smoothly.  Chris is an ambassador of hospitality and customer service. We are lucky to have him on the team and are thankful for his commitment and stellar work ethic!