Co-op Breaks Ground on New KCK Grocery Store

On Thursday, your co-op and the Unified Government of WyCo/KCK hosted a groundbreaking ceremony to launch construction on the new store at 5th & Minnesota. All together, approximately 250 people were in attendance, including: Mayor David Alvey, Rep. Tom Burroughs, the KCK City Commission, seven of our nine board members, the media and our future neighbors.

One of our newest board members, KCK resident and executive director of the Historic Northeast-Midtown Association, Rachel Jefferson, spoke on behalf of the co-op.

"The installation of The Merc is an example of what it looks like when our institutions are forced to start getting creative – when everyone is saying no, but a yes is out there and it just has to be found,” Jefferson said.

Click here to view our official joint press release.

View the media coverage below for more information.