Find More Value with New Lower Prices


Introducing New Lower Prices!

We are very excited to offer even more of your favorite staples and pantry stuffers at dramatically lower prices! 

Check out these highlights:

  • Decreased prices on 64 types of crackers, some by as much as 80¢.

  • Replaced Field Day organic canned beans with Clearly Organic canned beans reducing our lowest priced varieties from $1.49 to 89¢ per can!

  • Added Clearly Organic canned tomatoes for just $1.99 each (compared to Muir Glen priced at $2.99).

  • Lowered prices on all canned fish and meat, some by as much as $1.20!

We’re not finished. We will continue to roll up our sleeves, crunch the numbers, and find ways to provide the best value we can - while still maintaining high standards, championing local growers and producers, and committing to a livable wage for our employees.