Reasons to Run for Your Co-op's Board of Directors

A conversation with Ryann Waller, Board Member

The Merc Co+op continues the board election season with some insights and inspiration from out-going board member, Ryann Waller.

Waller’s connection to our co-op began in the early 90s when she attended a KU music camp. She fondly remembers the co-op as a welcoming environment where people could share their passion for food.  As her relationship with the store matured, it became important for her to participate as more than an owner. And, her desire to grow the co-op’s positive influence and cooperative spirit is why she decided to run for the board.

“I ran for the board because our co-op is important to our community and to our thousands of owners,” Ryann said. “Knowing that any one of us-as owners-can become a community liaison and have a voice in this is a shining example of what makes co-ops great.”  

Throughout her five years on the board, Ryann’s commitment to our Ends remained as the focus for her work and decision-making.  

“Meeting owners and getting to know my fellow board members has been a rewarding experience.  The opportunity to contribute to the well-being of our co-op through planning, the rewriting of our Ends, and the current roof and solar installation project is invaluable,” Waller said. 

Owners interested in applying for the Board of Directors may pick up a candidate packet at our customer service desk or online at TheMerc.Coop/elections.  The application deadline is August 2.